Who Are We?

We are many. We are women. We may be wives. We may be Mothers. We may be sisters. But we are all daughters…and we are all Kaurs (Kours).


We follow the Sikh faith, the fifth largest religion in the world, and believe in its tenets of equality of all regardless of ethnicity, caste, creed, colour, status and gender. As Singhnis we are strong, and we stand equally alongside our Singh brothers.

We have in common the beautiful landscape known as Kashmir; truly a heaven on earth. As a Sikh woman belonging to a minority faith in here, we sometimes have unique needs and face challenges which are different from those that Singhs encounter.

This platform was created to disseminate important information to the female Sikh communtiy in Kashmir specifically and serve as a means to network, share ideas, learn and plan events to benefit Sikh women and girls here.

Although the focus is on the Kashmiri Sikh community, all are welcome to join us! We only ask that everyone please keep this a positive place for all!

Kaurs of Kashmir is working under registered NGO SAVE (Social Abbetterment in Versatile Environment) Reg# 1466-K (1998).